“I used to only eat a banana, gum and coffee and dealt with constant light headedness and fatigue, so I decided to meet with Lydia. With my work schedule, Lydia provided me with the perfect solution to fuel properly. Every time I have had an issue Lydia has been there to fix it! We have come a long way in my running journey together [the last 6 months] and I definitely would not be able to be where I am today without fueling (eating) properly.”

— Jennifer

[Half Marathoner, Triathlete]

“Lydia and I worked together for several of my ultra endurance events. She was very knowledgeable regarding what nutrition would work best for me personally and for the distance of the event [Ironman]. She also consulted with me on getting to ideal race weights and her advice helped me reach those goals without having to go to any extremes. She is thoughtful and thorough when developing plans for the individual based on their goals. I have recommended her to several athletes I coach and everyone has been really happy with their results.”

— Ed [Endurance Athlete]


“When I first came to Lydia, I was mainly focused on trying to get down to a goal race-weight, thinking that was what I needed to achieve my goal of a sub-3 marathon. In the end, my focus ended up being a lot less weight-focused and a lot more holistically focused on the types of food I ate and when I ate them. I set myself up with a better holistic training regiment including weightlifting and in just a matter of months was able to reach and surpass my goal, running a 2:56 marathon. I think Lydia really helped me to think more holistically about my diet and exercise and how the two interrelate.”

— Alex [Marathoner]

“Lydia helped me achieve my goal of qualifying for Olympic trials by helping me find an optimal nutrition and hydration strategy for training and for race time. From a weight management, to a frantic text message the night before my race, she was always there with advice and a cool head.”

— Pablo [Race Walker]