Deets on Diets: Detox Diets & Juice Cleanses

Deets on Diets: Detox Diets & Juice Cleanses

“Why cleanse?  A juice fast is predicated on the idea of intermittent fasting (which has been backed by numerous scientific findings), without any of the starvation. At JuiceRx, we’ve specifically formulated our cleanses to gently aid the body in cleansing by providing it everything it needs--nature’s nutrition from fruits and veggies.  Once the body is supported with what it really needs, it has the ability to achieve miraculous things, including healing from certain health challenges”

This email popped into my inbox and immediately I felt my blood pressure start to rise. Juice cleanses are the most popular diet these days. From celery juice to entire packages of Day 1 through 7 of juices, this craze is one that needs to be broken down. And we can’t talk about juice cleanses without talking about detox diets.

So what are detox diets?  

These are diets that reset your body, from re-balancing pH levels to reducing bloating, there are many claims that detox diets do for you. They are all a little different, but similar in that they eliminate food groups and focus on one or two groups/types of foods to consume for a short period of time, such as juice cleanses are typically 7 days of just straight juice. Want to know what also is similar about these diets? They all are made up of vegetables. Usually lots and lots of vegetables.

What “problem” does the diet solve?

This usually is solving the problem of bloating or feeling tired all the time. Some even promise weight loss.

What does the diet consist of?

There are many different detox diets, but here is how the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sees them:

·        Fasting

·        Consuming only juices or other liquids for several days

·        Eating a very restricted selection of foods

·        Using various dietary supplements or other commercial products

·        Cleansing the colon (lower intestinal tract) with enemas, laxatives, or colon hydrotherapy (also called “colonic irrigation” or “colonics”)

·        Combining some of these or other approaches.

What does the diet eliminate/restrict?

It depends but it can restrict calories and eliminate food groups like grains or animal sources of protein.

Is there research behind diet?

Most detox diets have absolutely no research on them, especially those “magic” detox skinny tea products. Food products that make claims like “fast weight loss” and “cleanse your colon” don’t have any research behind their product and you are flushing your money down the toilet. So if it has big claims, watch out!

There are studies that prove that foods like dark leafy greens and fibrous food like apples do keep the colon healthy, but they aren’t in juice form or powder or pill form. They are in whole form, providing not only the nutrients but the fiber as well.

Is it beneficial for endurance athletes?

Having a healthy colon and liver are important for any person, even athletes, but for endurance athletes, detox diets and detox products are a waste of money. Want to know how to have a healthy colon and liver? Eat real food, with lots of vegetables and fruit. That’s the secret.

And since I do believe hitting the reset button is important for endurance athletes, here is a real food reset meal plan. This 6-day meal plan provides you with whole food and nutrients that promote healing in your colon. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and get your reset meal plan today!

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