Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
— Hippocrates

Why Nutrition Coaching?

I have always been into athletics as I was a runner at age 10. At age 15, I experienced stress fractures in both of my tibia. Being a freshman in high school, this was hard to have to sit out my first track season as I watched my friends compete and become faster and stronger.  Now my mom had always strived to feed my brother and I healthy meals, but you can be healthy and still lack certain nutrients. I understand that now. Going through an injury that was both diet and over training related, I knew I wanted to work with athletes to help prevent injury and recover from injury. At first I thought that meant athletic training, but then through freshman year of college I learned that I was more suited for the diet portion for helping the athlete. I also believe that food is a tool that can be used to fuel individuals to do great things, both physically and mentally.

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*For all non-packages, a minimum of 3 months commitment is required. Research shows that sustainable lifestyle changes take 3 months to truly stick.


I believe nutrition is an individual journey and the way to the best version of yourself is through individual nutrition coaching. And how every athletic journey is different, so should your nutritional goals and plan. Choose the journey that is best for you!

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Knowing your goals is one thing. Knowing how to achieve those goals is another. Let me take a look at your nutritional goals or what your weekly intake looks like and give you my quick assessment and recommendations for you.

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If you are a motivated individual, this is the plan for you. From defining your goals into SMART goals to providing you a personalize meal plan that will assist you getting to your goals, this initial assessment will jump start you achieving your goals.

Includes: Weekly meal plan designed to individual needs, Recipes, Education specific to personal goals

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Just like your training plan ebbs and flows, so does your food. Through nutrition coaching, you will have specific nutritional guidance through your training plan and learn to use your food to help get the most out of your workouts. From build weeks to cut back weeks, your food needs should move along with your training. Let me help you start getting the most out of your training!

Includes: Bi Weekly meal plans, Recipes, Weekly accountability check ins, Daily access for accountability via Healthie, Education specific to personal goals