Nutrition Coaching

Tired of struggling on runs?

Sick of feeling like you have no energy during training?

Want to get to the start line feeling ready for race day?

Then nutrition coaching is for you! Navigating your nutritional needs to improve athletic performance is what it is all about. No restriction. But more freedom.

Imagine a training cycle where:

  • No GI issues on long runs or long rides

  • No heavy legs during a speed workout

  • No foggy brain during a workout

  • More energy throughout the day even after a hard workout

  • Stepping onto a start line feeling stronger, faster than ever before

Nutrition Coaching

What You Get

60 Minute Initial Assessment

I’ll do a full assessment as we dive deep into medical history, injury history and training schedule and everything in between.

Two, 30 Minute Follow Ups each Month

Each follow up has a topic of focus, interactive discussion and activities and you will leave armed with tools [physical, mental] to empower you between sessions.

Weekly Food Journal Review and Feedback

I will review your online Food Journal weekly and provide feedback and support in between sessions.

Tools for Your Tool belt

After each session, you will receive an email recap filled with worksheets and readings to empower you between sessions.

Unlimited Support Between Sessions

Support via email and phone for any questions or concerns between sessions.

Want to change body composition? Nutrition Coaching is for you! Let’s chat about how you can achieve your goals.

3 Month Package

Includes 6, 30 minute follow-up sessions

6 Month Package

Includes 12, 30 minute follow-up sessions