Meet Lydia

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Athlete - NIKE Windrunner

Girls on the Run Coach

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A registered dietitian with a passion for fitness and the active lifestyle. I've been a registered dietitian for over a year and worked with different types of athletes, from runners to triathletes to team sports. As I understand that every sport has different nutritional demands, so does the individual athlete. My nutritional coaching approach is one focused on the individual and getting you to your goals.

As a runner myself, I understand the demands of being a "weekend warrior" athlete while holding a job. I've been a runner for 15 years of my life, beginning with Girls on the Run as my introduction to running. Ever since then I have always held running and athletics as a priority in my life. Given that I was an avid runner at a young age, I thank my mom for stressing the importance of nutrition for my performance. That obviously translated over to my career chooses for today, but even back then, that focus on nutrition set me apart from my peers in that I was rarely injured and able to recover quicker than my peers from workouts or competitions.

This realization in sports carried over to my desire to use nutrition to help athletes achieve the best versions of themselves, both athletically and personally. I believe that nutrition is one of the key factors to achieving those goals.


Using nutrition as a tool to become the best version of yourself for not only your athletic performance, but your whole life, can make your goals not seem so crazy. Let me see how I can help you reach your best life starting today!