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Meet Lydia, Head Dietitian

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Athlete - Marathon Runner

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Meet Amanda

Intern - Summer 2019

Athlete - Marathon runner


People often refer to me as the athlete’s dietitian. I am a competitive runner, who has dealt with injury and success alike. I know what it means to work hard towards your dreams and falling short. I also know the feeling of accomplishing those goals. I understand the athlete’s journey. I have gone through the same journey myself.

I love serving the world through inspiring, sustainable nutrition that helps athletes reach their dreams. And to clarify, anyone active with a dream is an athlete. That’s you! And you are the one I love giving applicable hacks and tips to become the best version of yourself over on my blog. Like this Everyday Athlete Cookbook.

When I’m not busy helping athlete’s achieve their dreams, you can catch me running around Chicago, IL. From 5k’s to marathons, I love competing and challenging my body through sports. Running is my happy place, so I do everything I can to keep myself healthy and happy. Hint: That means nutrition. I believe that nutrition is one of the key factors to achieving those goals.

As a sports dietitian, I’ve been featured on blogs and podcasts such as Health Warrior and CHAARG. I’ve worked with athlete minded brands like NIKE and EDGE.

Using nutrition as a tool to become the best version of yourself for not only your athletic performance, but your whole life, can make your goals not seem so crazy. Let me see how I can help you reach your best life starting today!


A former high school science teacher who is on the path toward becoming a dietitian, Amanda brings expertise in plant-based nutrition and sports nutrition, especially endurance sports. As a former collegiate athlete, Amanda knows the demands of the sport and performance at a high level, especially for female athletes. Her love of plant-based recipes, which she shares on her blog, shows her love of black beans, while balancing her love for sweets like dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

When she isn’t running around Chicago or in school, she loves to read books and blogs on topics like running, nutrition and community. She also enjoys knitting and crocheting while completing another type of marathon, Netflix marathon.


Brands I trust and use myself.